Federation gave reasons why national teams were disbanded

*Volleyball federation explains disbandment of senior national teams*

By David Ngobua | Published Date Sep 15, 2018 0:55 AM

The president of Nigeria Volleyball Federation, Engr. Musa Nimrod has said the decision by his board to disband the senior national teams was taken in order to give younger players the chance to represent the country in international tournaments. Speaking at the press briefing to usher in the ongoing Africa U-21 boys championship in Abuja, the president said the future of Nigerian volleyball is with the youths.

“When we were inaugurated as a board, we all agreed to go back to the grassroots. Our emphasis is on youth development because the youth teams will determine what happens to us in future. “Next year, there are going to be senior level competitions and we believe these young ones will represent us creditably well. They are energetic and willing to play at the senior level.
“Already we have disbanded the senior national teams, both male and female. Our belief is that players from the youth teams who have great prospects will step into the shoes of the older players. “Before we disbanded the senior national teams, we gave them the opportunity to attend the Nations Cup in Cairo and Cameroon. The male team was in Cairo while the female national team traveled to Cameroon,” he explained. Nimrod however said the federation has no intention to leave out some of the older players who still have something to offer the national teams. He said some of the players will be selected to stay back in order to guide the younger ones who would be promoted to the senior teams. “What happens to the older ones? We have a plan for some of them. The old honey is always the best so some few selected ones among them will be retained to guide the under 21s,” he stated. https://www.dailytrust.com.ng/volleyball-

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